For the cleaning purpose vacuum cleaner has gained much popularity nowadays. So, it has become an essential part of a home. So, without a vacuum cleaner, it would get tough indeed. If there is any time came when your vacuum cleaner is damaged, what will you do! If then you have a car vacuum cleaner, you can use it to clean your home. In this part of the article, we are discussing the process of how to use a car vacuum cleaner at home. So, let’s take an overview.

Generally, home vacuum cleaners are powered by AC supply, and the car vacuum cleaners are powered by DC supply. This means to use a car vacuum cleaner at home firstly you have to do the source conversion of the machine so that it can run at home.

So, to do this conversion, you have to understand the current rating of the device. Your current home supply is 220V AC supply. You will get the vacuum cleaner rating in a sticker mounted on it. Generally, it comes with a 12V dc rating. Then you have to figure out how much current it requires to run safely without damaging any part of it.

Then the task is to convert 220V AC supply to a 12V DC supply. Generally, car vacuum cleaners consume around 10 AMPs. So, we need to figure out some device which will ensure the power output of around 120V DC.

To get into the cheapest way, you have to get a desktop PC power supplying unit. That will ensure you around 400W without any damage, so it is a great option. Then you have to mount this PSU in a suitable position with proper alignment and also with appropriate conduction. So, any accident couldn’t happen during cleaning. Then you have to remove the upper casing of the vacuum cleaner and find out the power section. After getting into it, you should cut off the connection with batteries. And then, the connection wires should be connected to the PSU of the desktop. Then attachable cord will use to give the power from the socket point. And then your device is ready to run in the home. There are also many other methods. You can buy converted directly from the market and attached it to your vacuum cleaner. Then you can operate. You may add several handles and many other accessories so that cleaning would get much more comfortable.

This is the old-fashioned way. If you want to get a vacuum cleaner which can you use both in car and home not to worry here, we are. Now we are going to discuss such a kind of 2 in 1 device. Let’s take a tour then.

VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

To make the cleaning more enjoyable rather than making it laborious, VonHaus is the best example of vacuum cleaners. The stick removal technology makes the device handier and more portable to use. Within the affordable budget range, this low power consumer cleaner is the perfect machine for the cleaning task.



  • Though the machine is low power consumption, the device is very well off. It contains 5.5 Amps 14 KPA suction power motor.
  • The machine contains two modes of cleaning. It can be used as a full length like a traditional type vacuum cleaner and also by removing the stick. It can be used as a handy vacuum cleaner.
  • It contains 1.3 liters od dust capacity, which means you can do a lot of cleaning in a single run.
  • Vonhaus contain HEPA filtration technology along with sponge filtration technology for better hygiene maintenance. 
  • This cleaning type device is perfect for hardwood type floors.
  • The machine is off only 4.5 lbs. That’s why it is very comfortable for both types to use.
  • The package contains a bunch of accessories like crevice tools, small brushes, hose adaptor, shoulder strap, and many others. 


  • The length of the power chord is 19.5 feet, which means it can cover a great area.
  • Suitable for cleaning hard surfaces.
  • The power consumption of the machine is deficient.
  • Very much handy and comfortable to use. 


  • The machine makes a bit louder noise during cleaning. 
  •  The combination of budget and performance is one of the best options in the market.

Dyson v10 cyclone Vacuum cleaner

Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner is a moderate device with a combination of power and battery life. It is a cordless device also. For regular household work, this fits very suitable. The price range is a bit high in comparison due to its quality. Due to its durability and technical specifications, the buyer has to put on some extra bucks than any other device. The new cyclone technology introduced in this device is very efficient for cleaning dust properly. So, let’s take an overview of this machine.

dyson v10 cyclone vacuum cleaner


  • The central part of this device is long-lasting battery life. As we mentioned earlier, this device has the proper combination of power and battery consumption. The cleaning modes are greatly optimized to minimize battery drainage. You must get a better battery backup than any other cordless device in this Dyson v10.
  • The device has a torque drive cleaning head, which is an excellent technique in the field of vacuum cleaners. It makes the device adjustable. So, the device ensures a strong pickup performance across all surfaces. 
  • The dust capacity of this v10 model is also awe-inspiring. It has up to 40% extra dust capacity than any other product in the market. It also contains hygienic filtration systems.
  • In the case of dust disposal, Dyson v10 makes it very easy. One shoot bin emptying feature makes it very suitable for disposing of dust with getting any dirt.
  • It contains cyclone cleaning technology. This means the suction power is appropriately utilized to get the last particle of the dust on the floor. It is also beneficial for carpet type floors.
  • There will be three modes available in the device to operate. One is suction for versatile cleaning in all kinds of the floor; way two is for additional power cleaning and the finally the boost mode for occasional heavy-duty cleaning.


  • The device very light weighted. So, there comes no fatigue during work.
  • It is cordless, which means no bounding during the cleaning.


  • The filtration system is fully sealed.
    As there for household works, this device has no alternatives. In this budget, this is the most professional product in the market.

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